2014 DEMO

by Name Calling

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Songs to be re-released on an upcoming full-length album


released November 28, 2014

Ricky Haddan - Guitar & Vox
John Saia - Bass & Back-up Vox
David Gonzalez - Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brian Pretus.



all rights reserved


Name Calling New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans
Punk Rock

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Track Name: Passive Voice; Consider Revising Your Life Choices
Killing time, it's always been so easy, at this point it comes naturally
I'm just getting my vengeance, time's been killing me
ever since I started breathing,
this wasted day, it's more than just a day lost now,
it's the headache that I've chose to face until my face turns blue,
and then I'll turn to you.

and you fell asleep while I just stayed awake,
I guess I wasn't tired yet,
I don't hate myself but I still can't say,
that this is who I want to be,
and I've made up my mind a million times
decisions still mean nothing,
when the actions taken don't reflect the words,
and I talk so much it hurts.

Energy, but not the kind from caffeine, or when my cells make ATP
I'll be breaking the first law of thermodynamics when there's nothing to motivate me,
this swimming pool that no one put in chlorine became unsanitary so
hold your breath until your face turns blue
and then I'll turn to you.


I talk so much it hurts.

Track Name: 12 Piece Knife Set
I hate every single word that I have ever said out loud.
Yeah, I can't say that I'm proud.
The thread that I'm hanging by, I've unwound.
So now I'm taking this all back
in a futile attempt to keep safe,
but I still wanted to be heard this time, so I left earlier today.
And I just stopped by to pantomime that I am done counting sheep.

And I haven't felt this scared
In a really long time, I was hoping it would stay that way.
And I haven't felt this trapped
since before they cut my chord, and I left my mother's uterus behind.

And I hate every single human
that I have ever met in my life.
I wanna stab people with knives
In their faces until they die,
I'm buying a 12 piece knife set,
and I wanna use every single one.
When I'm covered in blood, the world will know
that I finally got something done.
And I just stopped by to compromise my values for the dumbest reasons

Track Name: Carrollton
I could see Carrollton from your apartment
and I watch the cars drive by
and I started to wonder why you kept that Christmas tree
in your living room you said you like the way it smells
I know that's probably true, but I still could not tell
if you're just lazy, or lying to me
I know you're not a liar, but sometimes you judge me


and I'm sorry for all the times that I took you seriously,
when it was so clear
that you were just messing around with me
I just get worried
that I might not meet your expectations
no matter how reasonable they are
and I know they are because they always are.

It just shouldn't be this hard to keep my head straight
and it's easier than it seems to fuck up everything
but it's nice that you always believe in me
I'm just a little short on making long term plans
at least I've got my weekend planned
I'll hang out with some friends, go to a punk show
then chill around at your pad, 'cause I know that you won't
judge me


Chorus x2.
Track Name: Nothing Matters
What happened to the grip that I know
took you so long to get, now you're a joke
why didn't you look below, oh oh
to see how far you'd go

when you fell, you back was up against the wall
now it's in pieces on the floor
you had so many problems before,
but none of them matter any more

And when you calculate the benefit
blinded to what's not immediate
succumb to the comfort of lying down
the nails impale you now


And I don't even remember
why I bothered to come here
but I guess that it doesn't matter now
I guess that it doesn't matter now

And I don't even remember
why I bothered to come here
but I guess that it doesn't matter now
I guess that it doesn't matter anymore

Not anymore.